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I've been using the wallet for several days now and I'm really excited and happy to have found one that more than meets my needs in this case.
The material and the workmanship make a really high-quality impression. The seams are sewn well and the snaps are sturdy. Nothing wobbles and nothing protrudes.
Really a great product.


The product convinces me because of its high quality and handling. The visible/invisible compartment is ingeniously thought out and is hardly noticeable. Five stars for such a great design!


I ordered the wallet because I often misplace my things. Quality is great and the wallet is thin.
Airtag fits and the easier access makes it easier for me to get my banknotes faster.
Card compartments can even be used twice, currently I have 8 cards in use.


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The story behind our brand is a story of minimalism and design. As avid Apple users, we have always admired the beauty and functionality of their products. But we felt that there was a lack of equally stylish and thoughtful accessories for these products, which fit seamlessly into Apple's minimalist aesthetic


We believe that minimalism and design go hand in hand. Our products are designed to emphasize the essentials and reduce unnecessary ballast. Therefore, each product is developed with a clear focus on functionality, quality and design.


Our designers work with care and dedication to create products that not only meet the needs of Apple users, but also meet their aesthetic demands. From high-quality leather to fine metal fittings to the finest details - every product is manufactured to the highest standards.


But it's not just about looks for us. Our brand also stands for sustainability and environmental awareness. For this we use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to minimize our ecological footprint and offer our customers sustainable products that give pleasure in the long term.


Our aim is to create products that not only look good, but also enrich the lives of our customers. We want our wallets and accessories to further enhance the Apple product experience by combining organization, protection and stylish design.

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